Career-Readiness Curriculum

The School of Human Ecology is dedicated to academic excellence and graduating strong human ecologists who will make a positive impact on the world through their degrees. Our overriding goal is for students to graduate not only with a high-quality education from the UW, but also ready to start their dream careers.

The Advising & Career Center’s three part career-readiness curriculum is designed to help students build the skills and experiences to launch careers.

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Three Part Career-readiness Curriculum

1. Leadership Symposium

Students enroll in a one-credit exploratory class that introduces them to potential careers related to their major, reviews current trends in that field, and helps them develop professional networks.

Specifically, the Leadership Symposium course lets students:

  • Hear from alumni and employers in the field to explore career possibilities.
  • Self-reflect and examine personal interests in relation to their major and career options.
  • Discover what it means to be a human ecologist.

2. Career and Leadership Development

This one-credit online course, Inter HE 202, digs deeper into the career development process and prepares students for next steps, including how to build a personal brand, develop a résumé, and apply for internships.

It is highly recommended that students take this course before completing the last part in the series, the Internship for Credit.

3. Internship for Credit

Each student must complete one, 3-credit internship related to their major prior to graduation. Internships provide:

  • Hands-on experience in a professional work environment.
  • Real-work application of SoHE coursework.
  • Opportunities to build professional networks, or communities of support.
  • The chance to hone important professional skills that will be beneficial in future career.
  • Preparation for post-graduate opportunities such as jobs and graduate school.
  • Possible job offers.