3 students wearing masks, walk through the front doors of Nancy Nicholas Hall.

Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors are current human ecology students that are eager to give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a part of our community. They’d love to share their personal story with you and talk about the transition to college, what a class in the major is like, how to get involved on campus and more!

Current student ambassadors

Name: Shanna Ben-Moshe
Major: Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies
Involvement: Chabad Leadership Board, Chi Omega, Phi Upsilon Omicron
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love the people in SoHe – the students, professors, staff, and faculty! Seeing everyone so eager and passionate about their work inspires me.

Name: Cole Bielby
Major: Textiles & Fashion Design
Involvement: Advisor at Matriculate, Campus Tour Guide
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love how I get to build relationships with my professors and peers through the smaller class sizes in TFD! We also get amazing opportunities like the Threads Fashion Show, design galleries, and the option to attend FIT.

Headshot of student ambassador Emma Cline.Name: Emma Cline
Major: Community Nonprofit & Leadership
Involvement: Associated Students of Madison (ASM), CNPLeaders, Intramural soccer & volleyball
What do you love most about SoHE?: SoHE provides personal connections like nowhere else on campus! When working with faculty and staff, you not only get an advisor or professor, but also a friend, mentor, supporter, and resource.

Headshot of student ambassador Brynn Colwell.Name: Brynn Colwell
Major: Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies
Involvement: Treasurer for the Student Retail Association (SRA), In-House Social Chair for Gamma Phi Beta, participated in the National Retail Federation (NRF) Executive Mentor Experience, Running Club member, Delight member
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love SoHE for its uniqueness, dedication and personal attention that it provides to its students. I take pride in everything that SoHE embodies and provides to its students as it takes a human-centered approach to education, research, and public service. I love that even the building itself, Nancy Nicholas Hall, is designed with curated intentions of a human centered approach. Curved benches, throughout the building, encourage collaboration among students while discouraging napping, having the advising offices at the front of the building gives a behavioral nudge to students to make an appointment with their advisors and the Robin’s Nest gives students the chance to re-energize with a snack and a comfy place to take a study break between classes. I also love the many diverse majors that are offered through SoHE and how they all focus on bettering the human experience. I love that SoHE embodies a community-like feeling with passionate professors and advisors who are dedicated to their students’ success.

Headshot of student ambassador Trinity Cross.Name: Trinity Cross
Major: Human Development & Family Studies
InvolvementRootz DansasSenior Class Office (SCO) Philanthropy Director, Black Voice (contributor)
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love how passionate everyone in SoHe is. It makes the community much more positive and friendly.

Headshot of student ambassador Jordan Gundrum.Name: Jordan Gundrum
Major: Interior Architecture
Involvement: Co-President for the Interior Design Organization (IDO) and Social Chair for Euchre Club
What do you love most about SoHE?: The community of students and faculty that work together to be creative, innovative, and passionate!

Headshot of Akshay Kalra.Name: Akshay Kalra
Major: Community & Nonprofit Leadership
Involvement: Peer Navigator for Center for Educational Opportunity Former Committee, Chair for Student Leadership Program, Apprentice Teacher for Emerging Leaders Program, Community Partner Intern with the Morgridge Center Badger, Volunteers with Schools of Hope, Sushi Express Connoisseur
What do you love most about SoHE?: The people for sure! I love making meaningful connections with folks both inside and outside the classroom, and the fact everyone is so tight-knit on this big campus is a great reason to join SOHE! (Also the bathrooms are great, don’t think I’ve ever been more at peace.)

Headshot of student ambassador Maddie Miller.Name: Maddie Miller
Major: Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies
Involvement: Sorority Tutor, Notetaker
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love how everyone is so unique but we all can come together to bond about our love for learning and those around us!

Headshot of student ambassador Giulia Palermo.Name: Giulia Palermo
Major: Textile and Fashion Design
Involvement: The Artisan Collective Designer & Creative Director, ALT Magazine, MODA magazine, Member of Delta Gamma
What do you love most about SoHE?: Besides having the most amazing forest inspired bathrooms and perfect late night snacks at Robin’s Nest, SOHE has not only allowed me to experience a supportive, intimate and nurturing learning environment to grow further as a designer, but also has simultaneously prepared me for the industry outside of college. I have been pushed by my classes and teachers and supported by mentors and advisors, allowing me opportunities to apply for corporate internships, conquer new design ventures and understand the industry from the inside out, both in business retail, consumer behavior and all things design. I truly feel as though I have discovered myself as a designer and know exactly how to achieve my goals.

Headshot of student ambassador Walker Rowe.Name: Walker Rowe
Major: Personal Finance – Named Option Financial Planning
Involvement: Hollywood Badgers: former mentor, BASES program
What do you love most about SoHE?: The thing I love most about SoHE is how everyone is committed to creating a better world through what they choose to study. Ranging from textile design to family psychology to finance, SoHE feels like a pantry full of innovation and positivity- and I’m just very fortunate to be on one of the shelves.

Headshot of student ambassador Dani Rosen.Name: Dani Rosen
Major: Community Nonprofit & Leadership
Involvement: Campus Ambassador for the Amigo App, Hillel, and hopefully more music oriented orgs soon
What do you love most about SoHE?: I absolutely love how much SoHE has a backbone of inclusivity and diverse perspectives. Because each major within the school is so focused on niche communities, having as many backgrounds as possible to draw from when building creative solutions is a huge asset. Also, I’m fully convinced that nowhere else on campus has this much of a warm, open, and welcoming community on first impression!

Headshot of Hanna SchickertName: Hanna Schickert
Major: Interior Architecture
Involvement: IDO (Interior Design Organization) member and board member, active intramural participant, Badger athletics fan
What do you love most about SoHE?: SoHE is hands down the most accepting and inspiring place to learn and study on campus. Everyone is always so friendly and walking around with a smile on their face, both staff and students. Also, the diversity of majors inside of SoHE is so much fun to witness and you know you will always be surrounded by creative and driven individuals!

Headshot of student ambassador Yvett Sanchez.Name: Yvett Sanchez
Major: Textile & Fashion Design
Involvement: President of Re-wear It Wisconsin, member of the Student Retail Association, The Artisan Collective, and Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program
What do you love most about SoHE?: The amazing sense of community that is felt the minute you walk into the door of Nancy Nicholas. You can see students hanging out with one another and making friendships with peers.

Headshot of student ambassador Alexa Tellez.Name: Alexa Tellez
Major: Personal Finance
Involvement: Multicultural Student Center, Sellery Hall Student Representative
What do you love most about SoHE?: The atmosphere and friendly environment that is felt throughout the school. At SoHE, there is a sense of community, you are able to connect with professors on a personal level, and your peers are there to help one another strive for success.