Student Ambassadors

Current student ambassadors

Name: Lauryn Cameron
Hometown: Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin
Major: Interior Architecture
Involvement: Interior Design Organization (IDO), Habitat for Humanity, PEOPLE scholar, National Society of Leadership and Scholars (NSLS), Intern at the Facility Planning and Management building on campus, Louis Crowe Scholarship Recipient, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love the welcoming environment and people who occupy SoHE, of course in addition to the beautiful building itself. It’s a place I can bring out the most creative side of me both in interactive zones, and more private spaces. With food and drinks a floor away, I know I’m set for the day (and sometimes throughout the night). I admire that SoHE is there for me at any time. If you don’t already basically live in the classrooms of SoHE, are you really SoHE proud?

Name: Mac Gale
Hometown: Vail, Colorado
Major: Interior Architecture
Involvement: Graphic Designer for MODA Magazine and Dr. Tracey Holloway (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences), Wisconsin Alumni Scholarship, Jeanne Bowie Fritschle Snodgrass Great People Scholarship (SoHE)
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love how embracing every corner of SoHE is.  SoHE is truly the embodiment of home- from smiling faces at the door to spaces for teaching, learning, collaborating, resting, and support. Here I have met the most inspiring of friends and mentors, and am incredibly proud and honored to work at SoHE.

Name: Caroline Kraut
Hometown: Glencoe, Illinois
Major: Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies
Involvement: Student Retail Association, Feed the Change, The Womens Network, Gamma Phi Beta
What do you love most about SoHE?: The thing I love most about SoHE is the environment in the school and how welcoming it is. Every time I step foot in the SoHE building or in a classroom full of SoHE students and faculty, I immediately feel at home and comfortable. The community within SoHE is always there to support my ambitions and encourage me to use my creativity and drive to make a positive impact on the world.

Name: Riley Maszk
Hometown: Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Major: Personal Finance
Involvement:  Equilibrium (Economics Undergraduate Journal), FOCUS (Financial Occupations Club for University Students), Memorial Union Advisory Board Member
What do you love most about SoHE?:  What I truly love most about SoHE is the ability to connect with professors and advisors inside and outside of the classroom. The relationships you build with staff that want to see you succeed creates such amazing opportunities for your personal and professional development. With this establishes a core foundation of connections, real-world experiences, and academic study to prepare you for any obstacle that comes right after graduation. SoHE instructors and academic/career advisors take the extra steps to lead students in the right direction for their future by allowing them to explore what their interests are and create ways to flourish down that path.

Name: Adele Moore
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Major: Consumer Behavior & Marketplace Studies
Involvement: Student Retail Association – President, Kohl’s Center for Retailing – Student Assistant, Greater University Tutoring Services – Volunteer English Tutor, U-Madison Mentor Collective – Volunteer Student Mentor, Phi Upsilon Omicron Nu Chapter National Honor Society – Selected Member, National Retail Federation Student Association
What do you love most about SoHE?: What I love most about SoHE is our altruism. SoHE’s people-first approach to business chases a single goal: the intersection between value to people and brand profitability. At SoHE, we know we have every obligation to use business to create a more equitable, safe, joyful, kind, and sustainable world. It’s rewarding to know I contribute to an incredible community that strives for something greater!

Name: Massendra Musial
Hometown: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Major: Human Development and Family Studies
Involvement: UW-Madison Salt Company member, First-Generation Student Success member
What do you love most about SoHE?: What I most love about SoHE is the friendly staff and professors. Every professor I have had within SoHE has been nothing but helpful to me and I have made meaningful connections with them.


Name: Bethy Olson
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Major: Community Nonprofit & Leadership
Involvement: Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies Outreach and Engagement Intern, Advising and Career Center Office Assistant, Community and Nonprofit Leaders UW Member, National Organization for Women (NOW) UW-Madison Chapter Co-Leader
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love the School of Human Ecology (SoHE) because of the welcoming and friendly environment. SoHE is a space full of people who are committed to making a difference for children, families, and communities. The small discussion-based courses at SoHE offer students the opportunity to connect with peers, teaching assistants, professors, community members, and other mentors on a deeper level. These collaborative spaces for learning are very special, and I am so glad to be a part of the amazing learning and growth that happens at the School of Human Ecology.

Name: Madelyn Peppard
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Major: Community and Nonprofit Leadership
Involvement: Badger Caring Closet Student Co-Organizer, UW Madison Writing Fellow, Barista in Robin’s Nest Café
What do you love most about SoHE?: My favorite thing about SoHE is how connected the people in the building are to each other! The staff are warm and welcoming and the students are so passionate about what they are doing. I am so glad I chose CNPL. There is so much to explore personally and academically, and it reminds me of having a liberal arts campus in the middle of a huge university! Also, be sure to check out the bathrooms, the wall of 100 women, and the terrace 🙂

Name: Finley Peterson
Hometown: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Major: Textiles and Fashion Design
Involvement: Swap Chair for Re-Wear It Wisconsin, member of Art Club, member of Associated Students of Madison (ASM) Sustainability Committee
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love the community that’s fostered in SoHE. You truly get to connect with your peers and professors in a deeper way that’s just not the same elsewhere on campus. Specifically in the TFD program though, the opportunities you’re presented with can truly allow you to shine!

Name: Donovan Schroeder
Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Major: Human Development and Family Studies
Involvement: Student Leadership Program (SLP), Student Assistant at the Child Development Lab in SoHE, SALT Company member
What do you love most about SoHE?: One thing that sets SoHE apart from the rest of campus is how passionate everyone here is about what they are doing. That passion is so rejuvenating. Through that passion comes care, and it’s remarkable how being surrounded by people who care about you and want you to be the best version of you can make such a difference!

Name: Erika Spivack
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Major: Human Development & Family Studies
Involvement: Study abroad engagement intern, the Child Development Lab
What do you love most about SoHE?: I love that SoHE brings students together from all different backgrounds and academic interests. I have learned so much not only from SoHE staff but also from my peers. My college experience at Madison has been unforgettable largely due to the positive experiences I have had as a SoHE student.

Name: Sydney Triplett
Hometown: Moss Point, Mississippi
Major: Community and Nonprofit Leadership
Involvement: Business Library Circulation, ASM SOHE Representative, BANNER Student
What do you love most about SoHE?: The bathrooms! I walk in and the birds are chirping or there’s a chalkboard of sweet messages. It’s so wholesome and I love that the designers of the building captured SOHE’s environment so perfectly.

Name: Anna Turco
Hometown: Hartland, Wisconsin
Major: Interior Architecture
Involvement: Interior Architecture Organization (IDO), International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Hoofers, Bible Study, Construction Assistant with UW-Housing, Barista at Wisconsin Union, Wisconsin Excellence Scholarship, ScanDesign Foundation
What do you love most about SoHE?: What I love most about SoHE is the supportive atmosphere. The IA program requires a lot of long days working on projects and my student cohort and teachers are always willing to provide feedback and help along the way. Everyone in the school shares the mission to improve the well-being and environments of all people. Surrounded by this positivity, I have grown so much both as a student and as a person.