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Are Study Abroad programs available?

Visit the UW Study Abroad office to explore programs abroad. Be sure to talk to your advisor about your plans.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. Students may apply for a School of Human Ecology scholarship during the fall, spring or summer terms.

Can I earn credit for an internship?

Yes. As part of the School’s career-readiness curriculum, students may earn credit for qualified internships. Learn more about the career-readiness curriculum.

Do I need to secure an internship before I apply for the scholarship?

Yes. In order to apply for and be considered for the scholarship, you will need to have an internship secured. The internship must meet our eligibility criteria. Learn more about internships.

How do I become a SoHE student?

Complete the online presentation for an in-depth overview of Human Ecology and all of our majors.

How do I schedule an advisor meeting?

Set up a 30-minute academic advising or career advising appointment with your SoHE Advisor using the Starfish online scheduler found in your MyUW portal. Search “Starfish” and follow the instructions. Having trouble? Contact 608-262-2608 or

How do I speak with a SoHE ambassador?

As official school reps, student ambassadors provide an insider view of the SoHE student community. While earning a human ecology degree, they help build awareness of the school by leading tours, meeting with prospective students and families, participating in visit day events, and representing SoHE at college fairs and industry events. If you would like to speak with a student ambassador, please complete this form.

How is the scholarship distributed?

If students have a tuition balance at the time of awarding, scholarship funding will be applied to that balance. If there is no tuition balance or if the award is greater than the balance, students will receive a check via the address listed in their MyUW account. International students’ awards are subject to taxes per federal law.

How much money am I eligible to receive from an internship scholarship?

Scholarship amounts range from $1000-$3500. Amounts are determined based on a variety of factors, including internship location, payment status of internship (paid vs. unpaid), overall expenses, federal need, etc.

I have questions about enrollment and course access. Who do I contact?

Speak with your advisor first. Further enrollment questions, such as your placement on the waitlist and course access when will impact graduation, can be emailed to

What are drop-in hours for advising?

Drop-in advising is available every Wednesday from 10-12 CST and Thursday from 1-3 CST. Drop-in meetings are 10-15 minutes, no appointment required. Students are helped on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The SoHE Drop-In Advising Form will open 10-15 minutes before each drop-in session begins, and it will close at the end of the session. An advisor will be contacting you via Microsoft Teams. You can download Microsoft Teams or join the web version here: If we exceed capacity and can’t meet with you during this time, we will follow-up with you via email to share other options.

If you are unable to access Google/Google Forms, please email with your Campus ID and if you would like to receive Academic or Career advising. Your information will be promptly added to the drop-in queue and you will be contacted by an advisor in Microsoft Teams when they are available to meet.

What are the Drop/Add deadlines?

University dates and deadlines. Students are responsible for being away of important dates and take any action before deadlines. Students may submit a Late Drop request to the Academic Dean in the event of that non-academic extenuating circumstances prevented a student from dropping by the deadline.

What is the process for applying for graduation?

All students must apply for graduation in the MyUW Student Center when nearing degree completion. See application instructions. Minimal Degree Requirements: 120 credit hours, 2.0 cumulative GPA, last 30 credits completed in residence.

When am I eligible to officially declare a major in SoHE and what is the process?

UW–Madison students with more than 60 earned credits toward their cumulative GPA and a cumulative GPA below 2.75 must complete the Online Major Application to apply to the following SoHE majors. The application opens at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

First-semester transfer students, and students with fewer than 60 earned GPA credits, a minimal 2.75 cumulative GPA, and not on academic probation in their school/college may declare a SoHE major using the SoHE Major Declaration Form. These students are not required to complete the Online Major Application.

When and how do I complete the Dean’s Policy Request Form?

Late Drops, Dual Degrees, Credit Overloads, and Readmissions to SoHE; Please complete the Dean’s Policy Request Form after speaking with your academic advisor.

When is the Summer Scholarship Application period?

The application generally opens in mid-February and closes in mid-April. When open, it can be accessed via the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH).

Where are my major checksheets?

Community & Nonprofit Leadership: 2020–21
Human Development & Family Studies: 202021
Personal Finance: 202021
Financial Planning: 202021
Interior Architecture: 202021
Retailing & Consumer Behavior: 202021
Textiles & Fashion Design: 202021
Fashion Institute of Technology: 202021

Where can I find information about student organizations?

Stay involved and gain leadership experience by joining a student organization. Learn more about the School’s engaged community.

Who do I contact for career and internship information?

Meet your Career Development advising team and chat with the appropriate advisor for assistance in identifying potential career paths related to your major, applying for an internship, or polishing your professional skills.

Will coursework completed at another university transfer to UW–Madison?

Check to see if the course you plan to take at another Wisconsin university will transfer back to UW-Madison. Transfer Wisconsin.